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Tribute artists

Phil Collins

Deano has taken his Phil Collins tribute shows to a whole new level gaining a huge global following, not only from his live shows but via social networks and has been blown away by the recognition from top industry musicians, performers that include some of Phil's long standing band members from both his Genesis years and current. His shows cover Phil's & Genesis most popular, chart topping classics including movie sound tracks which include some hugely successful covers from the soul & motown era. Deano also has a live band and touring theatre production, "Phil Collins Connected" a 4pc covering Phil's classics and covers from Genesis, Mike & The Mechanics, & Peter Gabriel. "The Phil Collins Experience" is a 2 hour full production show featuring an incredible 9pc band complete with horn section and featured backing singers.

Barbara Streisand
Keeley Smith

The show is the only one of its kind in the UK. It celebrates the musical genius and vocal talent of one of the world’s most iconic and much-loved artists of our generation, Barbra Streisand. A sophisticated show that brings together a love for musical theatre and film/pop classics, and fuses it into an iconic concert-style show featuring the orchestral sound for which Streisand is renowned. It celebrates all the much-loved classic tunes from across the decades.

Studio 54

The Beatles
The Bootleg Beatles

The English Beatles cover band The Bootleg Beatles has been around for quite some time and they play The Beatles at its best. Even Paul McCartney himself embraces them and they are even the only band allowed to use the Beatles logo. In their over 30 years of existence they have set the bar high for all other tribute bands.

Elvis Presley
Ben Portsmouth

There was only one Elvis but Ben is the closest you will ever get in terms of Elvis's looks, his singing voice and on stage charisma. In August 2012, Ben Portsmouth made history when he won the Elvis Presley Enterprises ‘Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest’ which took place in Memphis.

George Michael
Rob Lamberti

Not only does Rob Lamberti sound like George, his resemblance is so great that when Rob appeared as George on Stars in Their Eyes in 1994, the programme's make-up department had to 'tone down' his natural appearance before the 'transformation' took place, so as not to give away who Rob would be impersonating.

Frank Sinatra
Stephen Triffitt

Stephen is arguably the number one Frank Sinatra tribute act on the planet. He has the swagger of Sinatra like no other, from his voice to the way he walks. “Stephen’s resemblance is unsettlingly perfect. From sculpted hair and twinkling blue eyes, all the way down to his shiny black patent leather shoes, Stephen Triffitt truly is Sinatra.” (The London Evening Standard)

God save the Queen

Spectacular lighting and the accurate reflection of the sound of Queen make the performance by God Save the Queen an unbeatable interpretation of its members, with Pablo Padín in the role of Freddie Mercury. It is a unique moment to relive moments of the British rock band.

The Purple Revolution

The Purple Revolution is a live stage show and musical tribute to the life, showmanship and the pure musical genius that is PRINCE.


Platinum are a UK based, 6-piece ABBA tribute band that perform their spectacular homage to ABBA throughout the world... Totally live... without resorting to the use of backing tracks. And that's what makes the difference! "Better than the original" (London Evening Standard).

Michael Jackson
Miguel Concha

The Chilean dancer and choreographer Miguel Concha "Mickel Jackson" is one of the most recognized official doubles of Michael Jackson worldwide, endorsed by SONY Music and ROLLING STONE magazine, he offers us his great show "The Legend Continues - A Great Tribute to Michael Jackson". A careful staging where the repertoire that Michael Jackson offered in his best Tours is recreated. Costumes, choreography, live music, lights, effects, will transport us to the best moments of the King of Pop.

Michael Bublé
Peet Rothwell

Peet (as Bublé) Rothwell has fast become one of the most accurate Michael Bublé Tributes in Europe. His vocal likeness, style and onstage charisma exceed what you would expect from a tribute to the most celebrated crooner of our era.

Bon Jovi
Patricio Guevara

For years Patricio has been performing in different places such as bars in the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, presenting his Bon Jovi tribute show with great success.

Ray Charles
Buzz D'Angelo

Winner of Six National Tribute Music Awards“The Genius”. Buzz brings all those timeless, heartfelt, classic songs to life. With the voice and piano-style to give a truly authentic portrayal to one of the most revered and influential music legends of all time, ‘The Genius’ – Ray Charles. Ray made so many fantastic recordings in almost every musical genre during his incredible career, including Jazz, Country, R’n’B, Gospel, Soul, Blues and Rock & Roll. With Ray, ‘It was all about the music’.

Lady Gaga vs Michael Jackson
Carolina Serrato & Mampuele Jackson

Two great artists come together in a unique show, to pay tribute to two great stars of the song. GAGA vs MICHAEL is a unique show, two great stars together on a stage that will give us a musical journey through the great successes of MICHAEL JACKSON and LADY GAGA.

Michael Jackson
Mampuele Jackson

Singer, dancer, composer and music producer. He was the star of the musical show Forever King of Pop that has been on tour for 3 years in Spain and Europe (France, Switzerland, Poland...) and also Puerto Rico. The Jackson Family Foundation endorsed the show, and Michael's own father, Joseph Jackson, came to Seville to see the show and meet Mampuele in March 2011. More than a tribute show, he is an imitator, since he not only dances and looks like Michael, but he sings live with a voice tone almost equal to that of the artist.

Lady Gaga
Carolina Serrato

Gaga Xpression (Double Official of Lady Gaga in Spain). The Gaga Xpression project was born in 2011 and a year later, Carolina is recognized as Lady Gaga's Official Double in Spain, endorsed by the official fan club of the artist in our country. She has collaborated in official events such as the presentation of Lady Gaga's perfume, at the Sephora Perfumery private event for managers from Spain and France, posing as the artist. The show takes place with a live voice and two dancers, multiple costume changes, videos...

Beyond Bublé
James Williams Showband

Led by the energetic James Williams and featuring vocalists The Passionettes - the band is guaranteed to get the dance floor bouncing with an incredible show with the very best in popular music. They have the grooves and the moves, and will entertain you from beat one to bedtime.

The Beatles
Abbey Road

Abbey Road recreates the magic, music, wit and charm of the Beatles, including the Fab Four’s cheeky personalities, familiar onstage banter and patter between songs.

Michelle Daniels

Michelle Daniels has not only a strong physical likeness but also a powerful vocal range and strength to reproduce superstar CHER'S unmistakable style Michelle has gained rave reviews for her uncompromising strong performances that bring audiences to their feet appreciating Michelle's Ultimate Tribute To CHER

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